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Vaidya is for natural health practitioners who want to treat patients at the same level as the ancient Ayurvedic Physicians. Vaidya provides traditional, ancient and systematic information to guide you in treating your patient.
Vaidya puts you in control, providing detailed infomation throughout the consultation and helping to illustrate Ayurvedic principles to your patient.

VAIDYA presents the ancient science of ayurveda in a modern light by providing a complete computer-based diagnostic aid for natural health practitioners and their patients.

VAIDYA assists you every step of the way while you control the consultative process.

Interactive diagrams and a logical step-by-step approach help patients understand the ayurvedic principles behind their illness and treatment.

VAIDYA uses powerful technology to link symptoms of disease to doshas, dhatus and srotas building an ayurvedic model of the patientís illness.

Guided traditional ayurvedic tests help to further refine your diagnosis.

VAIDYA provides instant access to patient details & history, previous diagnoses, treatment plans, and lifestyle reports.

Over 500 detailed herbal treatment options are available. While VAIDYA can suggest treatments that directly treat your patientís condition, you always make the decisions.

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